Allan Warren began his photographic career at the age of seventeen, when a friend asked him to cover his wedding to Judy Garland... soon such celebrities as Liberace, Sir John Geilgud and Earl Mountbatten of Burma were beating a path to his studio. Since then he has photographed more legends than most, from Mae West, Gloria Swanson, Sophie Loren to Sammy Davis Junior, Cary Grant and Bob Hope. Sir Noel Coward commisioned him to do his portrait for his last Christmas card.

Allan has published five books to date: Nobs & Nosh, a colour picture book which included portraits of such diverse characters as Lilian Gish, Roger Moore, Danny Kaye, Nureyev, Dali, HRH The Prince of Wales, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and Henry Moore. Peter Ustinov wrote the introduction in which he said "and yet there is a third art in the world ...the art of Allan Warren".

He went on to photograph every living British Duke and produced a tome entitled 'The Dukes Of Britain' which has become an historical document in its own right. The second instalment of his hysterically funny autobiography 'Dukes, Queens and Other Stories' covers the happenings in British aristocratic and celebrity society since the late 70's. His latest book 'Nein Camp: My Struggle' takes us through Allan Warren's early years growing up in post-war London with his observations and the many adventures that he has encountered along the way - some sad, some moving, others provoking - even at times shocking. Allan now resides between his studio in London England and Los Angeles.

He wrote the first part of his autobiography at the age of twenty four entitled 'Confessions of a Society Photographer'. Somerset's nephew Viscount Maugham wrote this in the introduction: "His success is being able to beguile, spellbind and fascinate and in doing so give confidence to his sitters".

and yet there is a third art in the world ... the art of Allan Warren

-- Sir Peter Ustinov





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